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Anti-RFID Wallet™ | Suojaa luottokorttitietosi!

€34,95 €70,00
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Keep your credit card information safe with this innovative Anti-RFID wallet !

 It is sleek and compact , holds many cards and protects them from digital theft. 

Anti-RFID technology 

The wallet has a metal card holder that prevents RFID technology , which prevents your credit card information from being stolen from smartphones. Keep your cards safe and your mind calm. 

Stylish appearance 

The wallet is made of high-quality PU leather with a soft feel and snap fastening. It is sleek and compact and easily fits in a bag or pocket. 

Large capacity

The wallet has a large capacity for many cards and an easy release mechanism , so you will find the card you want right away. It also holds banknotes for maximum practicality.